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The Association for Spiritual Integrity℠ (ASI) is a voluntary, inclusive, international organization of spiritual leaders, teachers and guides, offering membership to a supportive community of peers to teachers who agree to abide by a code of good and ethical practice, and commit to their ongoing professional, personal and spiritual evolution.

You are invited to explore the resources and information offered in this website, and encourage you to attend our upcoming online events. Let’s keep this conversation going!

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Upcoming Events

Registration Now Open: “Humility” with Stephen G. Post, PhD,  Online Meeting Event July 1, 2020

Registration is now open to everyone to attend our upcoming online webinar event to be held at 11:00 am Pacific time on Wednesday, July 1 with Stephen G. Post, PhD. “Humility – What it is, what it is not, and how we can cultivate it within us. What goes wrong when we don’t value it as a virtue within ourselves.” Click here for more details.

Right Use of Power Training with Dr. Cedar Barstow in September 2020

We are excited to share that Dr. Cedar Barstow, Right Use of Power Institute will be holding two fantastic training sessions in September 2020! Join hundreds of others who have taken this training and are becoming more and more effective and socially-responsible in using their powers, both personal and positional. Click here for more details.

Online Global Mentorship with Mariana Caplan, PhD, MFT starting September 2020

Mariana Caplan, MFT, PhD, will be offering a 9-Month Online Global Mentorship, “Working Psychologically with Spiritual Issues, Crises, Traumas, Teachers, Students & Communities” beginning September, 2020! Click here for more details.