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The mission of the Association for Spiritual Integrity℠ (ASI) is to foster the fundamental role of strong ethical principles in the ongoing development of spiritual leaders and communities.
The ASI is a voluntary, inclusive, international organization of spiritual leaders, teachers and guides.
Membership is open to anyone in a position of spiritual leadership who agrees to abide by the ASI Honor Code of Ethics and Good Practice.

You are invited to explore the resources and information offered in this website, and to participate in our online events. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions for how ASI can better serve its members. Let’s keep the conversation going!

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ASI Presentation At Harvard Divinity School

Recording Available to Watch

ASI Presentation At Harvard Divinity School Conference 

With many thanks to the team at HDS, we are glad to be able to share this recording of the ASI presentation Lessons From a Young Organization Making a Difference by Jac O’Keeffe, Philip Goldberg and Rick Archer from the Harvard Divinity School conference Uses and Abuses of Power in Alternative Spiritualities.  

This recognition from a leading theological institution is acknowledgement of the behind-the-scenes work we’ve been doing to transform the paradigm of spiritual leadership with a code of ethics, resources, education and peer support.

Regular Online Events

Next Event: The Developmental Path to the Sacred with Terri O’Fallon

This presentation will outline the relationship between how individuals evolve on the relative side of life—and what our growing up process has in common with the paths of Sacred Realization.

  • Learn how our identity evolves through the developmental stages of our life

    This will include an Introduction to development and how it cycles through three tiers of evolution. This will include a brief exploration of your own evolution and development through your life

  • Gain an understanding of how spiritual states and developmental stages intersect
    State growth and STAGES growth have a very similar process. One can’t grow up without waking up, and waking up is realized more and more deeply as we grow up and develop.
  • Realize how learning adult development increases compassion, wisdom and skillful means
    Explore how compassion, wisdom and skillful means that are highlighted in the spiritual path, grow up (deeper, wider and higher)with one’s development.

All are welcome – ASI members and all our friends! Please register using the link below (when available).

We normally share a recording here after the event. 


Topic: Integral Theory & Ego Development
Speaker: Terri O’Fallon PhD
Date: Monday, 16th October 2023
Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm Pacific Time Zone [change if necessary]
Cost: Donations are gratefully accepted. However, there is no set cost to attend and all are welcome.
Registration: ⇩ Click the Register Now button at the bottom of this post

About Our Guest Speaker

TERRI O’FALLON PhD is a researcher, teacher, coach, spiritual director and designer of transformative containers. She is a leader on the frontier of transformational change in organizations and individuals and does ongoing research on the Integral STAGES developmental model which supports a MetAware tier with four later levels of development.

Her interests lie in the living experiments of evolutionary human systems, and levels of development from cradle to grave.

Terri is a partner of STAGES International, which creates programs based on the STAGES model. Terri holds Masters degrees in Special Education, in Spiritual direction and an Integral PhD in Transformative Learning and Change.

Ordinariness continues to bring her home to the practical living, breathing appreciation of the simple things in life. We wake up every morning. We grow up, quite naturally. We live through joys and sorrows, We grow old. What remains is listening, gratitude, compassion, love, forgiveness, and generosity—lifelong lessons that never seem to end.



While we offer this special online event at no cost for everyone to attend, please consider making a suggested donation of $20 or more to support the Association for Spiritual Integrity to continue sponsoring further events like this one.

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After the event, you will normally be able to watch the replay here. Sometimes this is not possible, for privacy or technical reasons.

Transcript available soon.

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