Community Discussion on Tenet #13, The Human Element

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Topic: Community Discussion on Tenet #13, The Human Element
Date: Monday, 4th March 2024
Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm Pacific Time Zone
Cost: Donations are gratefully accepted. However, there is no set cost to attend and all are welcome.
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Join us for a community meeting to unpack Tenet # 13 of the ASI Honor Code of Ethics and Good Practice: “Acknowledging that, regardless of our spiritual attainment, we are human beings with human personalities, limitations, drives, and needs.”

We will delve into questions around the delicate balance between spiritual attainment and human realities, and we’ll examine how those issues challenge our understanding of right behavior, personal responsibility, and accountability.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Does authentically expressing one’s humanness reduce or enhance one’s efficacy as a spiritual teacher?
  • How can we best navigate the Two Truths Concept, i.e., holding both divine and human truths simultaneously? 
  • Can certain levels of spiritual attainment limit the awareness of our human needs and limitations? 
  • How does personal development continue, or not continue, beyond the achievement of awakening? 
  • Why is the presumption of awakening, or the claim to having disidentified with personhood, sometimes used to justify inappropriate behavior?
  • How does awakening affect the expression of personality traits associated with the human being who no longer identifies with that individuality?   
  • What are the links among transcendence, evolved embodiment, and authentic humility?
  • How can we best apply the principles of accountability (transparency, participation, evaluation, and feedback) in both our personal lives and in our roles as spiritual leaders? Can there be real accountability if a teacher does not identify as an individual person? 


Join us for an enriching discussion that invites us to embrace the full spectrum of our humanity. Let’s collectively navigate the intricate interplay between the spiritual and the human aspects of our existence.


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