Conscious Care for Those Who Seek Our Guidance with Dr Katherine Lawson, Gerette Buglion, and Katherine Bell

Thank you to all who joined our webinar event with hosts Dr. Katherine Lawson, Gerette Buglion, and Katherine Bell. Scroll down to watch the video replay and download the PDF resources. Description: Those who seek spiritual guidance are deeply vulnerable to influence. A cornerstone of the ethical treatment of students and followers is to accept and support their own interpretations of their spiritual experiences. As conscious practitioners, it is important to recognize that our own histories and blind spots affect our students and followers. Staying vigilant with our own processes and reading clues from our bodies will help us keep sight of these vulnerabilities. Ethical treatment of our seekers protects us as well as them. We have to learn to live with the uncertainty of never truly knowing what another’s experience means to them. As leaders, we need to understand the inherent power we hold in the teacher/student or leader/client relationship and strive for conscious attention to these dynamics. About Our Hosts This presentation will be led by three leaders who regard dreaming as a spiritual doorway available to every human being. Dr. Katherine Lawson is a psychotherapist with decades of experience helping people to unravel their trauma. She is a certified Embodied Imagination ® practitioner and the author of Dreamwork for Growth and Healing: A Guided Dream Journal. Gerette Buglion, author of “An Everyday Cult”, is a survivor of a spiritual cult centered on dream interpretation and is a co-founder of the #igotout movement. Katherine Bell is a Dream Coach, podcast host of “The Dream Journal” and a member of the Ethics Committee of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

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