The Association for Spiritual Integrity encourages transparency and openness within the spiritual community. ASI members agree to receive honest and constructive feedback to further evolve and grow in their professional, personal, and spiritual lives. This means if they are accused of being in breach of the Honor Code of Ethics and Good Practice, they are, as stated in tenet #22 of the Code, willing to give complaints and allegations a fair hearing.

If any person believes they have been violated by a registered member of the ASI in a way that clearly breaks one of the tenets of the organization’s  ASI Honor Code of Ethics, they may submit a formal complaint using the form on this page.

Any communication about a spiritual leader that is received by the ASI is treated confidentially. Follow-up communications (all media) with anyone who makes a complaint will also remain private. We are committed to working toward confidentiality for all parties involved in order to encourage growth, healing and resolutions for everyone.

If you wish to file a complaint, first please make sure that the spiritual leader involved is a member of the ASI. The list of current ASI members can be found on the Members Directory. Some of our members do not wish to be listed in the public directory, so if you do not see their name please email us at to see if they may indeed be an ASI member.

If you know that the person you wish to file a complaint about is not currently an ASI member, please click here for further information.