Formal Complaints

The ASI offers a space to communicate concerns about the ethical behavior and integrity of spiritual teachers and leaders who are members of ASI.
If you are considering filing a complaint about an ASI member, we thank you for your willingness to be open and honest during this process. We appreciate that it is not always easy to speak up.
Please be assured that ASI treats all communications in strict confidence.
Filing a complaint with ASI begins a process of communication and evaluation guided by intentions for restoration, healing and growth for all parties involved. If you decide to file a complaint with ASI, we ask that you give the process a fair chance. This means holding back from going public about your experiences and concerns until the ASI process is complete. We also ask that you keep this question in mind: if someone had a complaint about your ethics, integrity and use of power, how would you want it to be handled? This is not to dismiss your feelings or experience in any way, it’s simply what we’ve found supportive to the process.

All of our members have committed to the highest standards of ethics, right behavior and professional competence as commonly recognised by their peers. In joining ASI, members agreed to encourage feedback from their students. A complaint or allegation submitted to ASI about a member is a form of feedback, and all feedback is to be taken seriously by our members.  Where possible, we encourage students to first find out if the teacher or leader has a formal feedback procedure in place, and, if possible and appropriate, speak about the arising issue directly with the person involved.

We appreciate that approaching the teacher or leader directly is not always appropriate, which is why ASI offers the opportunity to file a complaint. We are not a regulating authority, nor do we desire to judge, confront, shame or punish anyone. Our intention is listen, understand, and create means of making amends and fostering harmonious resolution, evolution and growth for all parties involved.

Our guiding principles are found in the ASI Individual Honor Code of Ethics and Good Practice. We review complaints in this context, so we ask that you please refer to the honor code and identify which of its points relate to the matter you wish to discuss.

Every complaint can be a powerful tool for growth and development. We ask that all parties use this process with honesty, dignity and compassion.

Formal Complaints Form

Please complete this form as honestly and with as much relevant information as you can. Thank you.

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