Student Guidelines

The Association for Spiritual Integrity is a young organization with plans and aspirations to help cultivate greater ethical transparency and accountability in the contemporary spiritual culture.

At present, however, our services are limited. We have prioritized our initial focus on spiritual leaders, teachers and guides; we want to facilitate open and mature communication, with the goal of encouraging transparency and honesty between them and their students. We are not, as yet, positioned to be an intermediary body between our members and students. We aim to be able to fulfill this role in the future.

In the meantime, we ask that if there is an issue between you and a spiritual leader/teacher/guide, please have courage and take the first step by contacting them directly and airing your grievance. Most problems can be worked out through clear and open communication. If you feel unsafe in any way, please seek safety and support immediately. If necessary, contact the appropriate authorities.

The ASI encourages every spiritual leader to use feedback forms with their students. Feedback forms offer you, the student, an opportunity to communicate your grievances also. The ASI has provided feedback forms that teachers can use. You can bring these forms to the attention of your spiritual guide. We recognize that spiritual leaders should engage in their work with transparency and accountability, and that systems should be in place to support best practice. The ASI wants to encourage students to take these and whatever other actions they can that will promote spiritual integrity. We want to encourage you to take a proactive role in demanding better practice of spiritual leaders in your life.

Ask your spiritual leader/teacher/guide if they are currently abiding by a code of ethics and good practice. If they are, you can ask to see the code. If they are not, you can recommend that they visit our website and review our code of ethics with an invitation to join the ASI.

We are working to create an environment that can stimulate growth, learning, and change among our members. We aim to address the culture from within, fostering more authenticity and accountability in this generation of spiritual leaders, teachers and guides, and for generations to come.

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