Join a movement of spiritual communities, organizations, and retreat venues that are committed to doing their part to evolve the paradigm of spiritual leadership!

Member Organizations include any group whose purpose is of a spiritual nature and/or identifies as a spiritual organization.

By joining the ASI, your organization will be bolstered by the support of a network of spiritual leaders and groups committed to ongoing professional and personal evolution, ethical practice, and integrity as core values informing the culture of spiritual leadership. The ASI also offers our members a growing library of resources to support them on their journey towards greater integrity and wholeness.

When your organization joins the ASI, you are agreeing to integrate the ASI Honor Code of Ethics into your guidance policies for staff/volunteers and to ensure that integrity is a core value informing the culture of the establishment, relationships among the staff /volunteers, and the interactions with those you serve. You are encouraged to add to the ASI Code to create a code that fits your organization’s unique goals and services, as long as your additions do not conflict with the existing ASI Code. Member Organizations also agree to formulate their own internal procedures to hold their members accountable to the ASI code in the event that the code is breached.

Two spiritual organizations that put their own policies in place prior to the birth of the ASI are Spirit Rock and East Bay Meditation Center. If you would like to reference their procedures as an examples CLICK HERE to read an overview of Spirit Rock’s “Ethics and Reconciliation Council” or HERE to read about the East Bay Meditation Center’s “Ethics, Restoration, and Resolution” (ER&R) process.

We know that it takes time and resources to develop and/or revise policies and practices within organizations. The ASI is a member-led organization seeking to help both ourselves and other leaders in this regard. Our community of members share a commitment to integrity. You are invited to join us.

If you would like your organization to join the Association for Spiritual Integrity, please review the membership benefits & requirements below and then complete the electronic application form.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • The use of the ASI Honor Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Organizations as a framework/guidance document for your organization’s pursuit of the highest ethical and professional standards.
  • Access to our private (Facebook group) community discussion and priority posting of your articles on our public blog, which provide lively discussion, information and support from an active network of peer members.
  • Access to collegial meetings, webinars and workshops with lively discussions.
  • An ASI badge of integrity to place on your website and/or marketing materials. Displaying the badge of an ASI member organization on your website and promotional materials tells your clients that you are ensuring good practice, that your guests will be protected, and that there is a “do no harm” policy in place on your premises for all who visit.
  • An integrity clause template for venues, to include in contracts with guest teachers/faculty/facilitators.
  • A listing in our public resource Members Directory.
  • And more benefits as ASI grows and evolves in response to our member’s needs.

Membership Requirements

  • Your organization identifies as a spiritual organization or has an explicit spiritual mission.
  • Your organization agrees to integrate the ASI Honor Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Organizations into its general guidance policies for staff/volunteers and ensure that integrity is a core value informing the culture of the establishment, relationships among the staff people/volunteers, and the interactions with those you serve.
  • Your organization’s management draws up and agrees to their own in-house procedures that will respectfully respond to complaints in the event that the ASI Code is breached. The ASI recommends external mediation; we recommend some trained and experienced mediators in the Resources section of our site.
  • Your organization fills out a “Member Organization” application form with accurate information.

If your organization operates a venue for retreats, workshops, and/or trainings, the ASI offers additional and unique support. Click here to learn more!

The ASI reserves the right to refuse membership. Each application form is read carefully, and all details submitted are checked for authenticity. If an applicant is not who they claim to be their membership application will be denied. Please make sure that we are able to reach you at the contact information you provide in the application.

Support the ASI

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